Why Travel with Atlantic Bhutan Conquest?

We boast we are real and top experts in Cultural tours, festivals torus, hiking and trekking in Bhutan. We provide trekking and hiking varying from west, north and east of Bhutan.

We take traveler to everywhere in Bhutan. We are aiming to take the traveler to discover the real Bhutan himself/herself through the beautiful landscape and hospitality of locals. The truth is many travelers have traveled with us successfully directly booking from us or from over sea adventure companies.

During our service, we have formed a reliable team of guides and backup teams, which are real important trekking tours, especially for the long expedition in north Snowcap Mountains.

What kind of service you can expect from Atlantic Bhutan Conquest?

Atlantic Bhutan Conquest will design a suitable route according to customer’s interest, cultural tours, festival time and hiking experience during the first stage of discussion. During the tour, our tour leader will always accompany the traveler to ensure their safety as well as control the whole trip. And our office will watch the process and ready to give any help.

In some of the trekking, back teams are required. Our backup team will go ahead of the traveler and set up base camp with hot water to wait for the arrival of traveler. Nice cooked outdoor meals of western style or Bhutanese style will be provided by our crew after one day’s trekking. Our service aims to make the customers have the best recreation after one day’s trekking.

Our camping gears are applicable to various conditions depending on the altitude. Sleeping tents, cooking tents, toilets, cooking gear, etc, our Conquest can ensure the traveler comfortable in maximum.

What kind of products Atlantic Bhutan Conquest Provided?

Above are few classic routes we recommended in our experience. But please remember, they are not all the trekking Conquest we provide. Bhutan is wide, and we are also discovering more interesting place for our clients each year. We are real expert of BhutanCultural, Festival and Trekking Conquest; all of the Conquests listed in our web have been successfully operated.