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Bhutan is a peaceful mountainous Kingdom with pristine natural environment. With the beautiful sound of a bird chirping at a distance and with places field with beautiful trees and blossoming flowers, one can even feel the presence of the heaven on earth. With clean fresh air and water, one can have a very good trekking along the hill sides of the country.

Bhutan’s rich bio-diversity provides a beautiful site where ever one treks or visits. Bhutan has many areas which are identified as parks and sanctuaries like Royal Manas Park in South, JigmeDorjiWangchuck National Park in north and Thrimshing La Park in Central and eastern region. In these parks and sanctuaries is where the various kinds of flora and fauna are protected.

Bhutan also has quite a large number of lakes in the high mountains which are considered to be sacred by the local people. Glaciers and snow covered mountains are the beautiful sites in high altitudes. The rivers coming from these glaciers are very fast flowing andyou would only wonder what keep these rivers alive throughout the year. One can trek for days, for every distance you trek you will never cease to amaze the breath taking scenario. Sometime the trekking can be lonesome, but at the end of our every Conquest conquered you will feel the greatest satisfaction you have ever received from life.

We assure that trekking to these sites with Atlantic Bhutan Conquest Tours & Travels would be a memorable one to carry back home and cherish throughout one’s life.