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Bhutan is one country where numerous saints have paid their visits in ancient times and created many holy shrines where ever they visited, which are now visible to this day very intact. One of the most colorful festivals in the Bhutanese calendar is the Tshechumeans festival, performed in all the Dzongs (fortress) and in many monasteries and temples spread throughout Bhutan. Tshechu is a mask dance festival to commemorate the events in the life of Guru Rinpoche who is revered as the second Buddha in Bhutan. There is also a display of Thongdrol, large scroll paintings of deities and saints which have the power to liberate people from sins and impurities just by seeing it. People gather from all walks of life to witness this significant event.

The tentative yearly festival calendar for the year 2013 and  2014 has been released with over 30 exciting festivals in various regions across Bhutan. Please click the following link to download 2013 Festival Dates | 2014 Festival Dates tentative festival calendar. 

These various mask dances are performed to pay tribute to the great saints and each mask dance has its own significance. The mask dances are performed by monks and laymen wearing ferocious animal masks and beautiful costumes. Legend has it that these mask dances are performed by great saints like Guru Rinpoche himself in order to tame and subdue demons which were causing harm to the local people. It is said that the viewers will be blessed and be purified from all their sins and impurities if watched these dances with full devotion.

Also people in different regions in Bhutan celebrate their own festivals. For example we have Lombah in western region, Dahssain in South and ChortenKorwaand GomphuKorwa in the eastern region. Apart from that many different kinds of festival are also celebrated in every nook and corner of the country. Suchfestivals are celebrated only by the particular ethnic groups. It is said that by celebrating such festivals they are pleasing their Gods and Goddesses so that the whole year will be blessed with no natural calamities but shower with peace and happiness.

It will be a pleasure for Atlantic Bhutan Conquest Tours & Travels to guide all our visitors to witness these different kinds of festivals and abreast with the purpose and the significance of each dances performed in the festivals.