4-Day Uma ParoConquest

Suitable Months: Year round 

Travellers to Bhutan looking for a whistle-stop introduction to this devoted Buddhist land, we recommend our three-night Himalayan Conquest packages based at Uma Paro, your tour package includes a ful-board conquest, but excluding beverages. For two days, our experienced tour guide will lead you on walks through the Paro Valley incorporating fourlegendary attractions:

  1. The Taktsang Tiger’s Nest Monastery
  2. The National Museum
  3. DrukgyelDzong
  4. KyichuLhakhang

In addition, guests have plenty of time to relax at Uma Paro,

Day 1: Arrival in Paro, Bhutan

Altitude 2,280m

Greetings and Kuzuzangpo!

Welcome to Bhutan, “The Land of the Thunder Dragon”. Landing down at Paro International Airport, you will be greeted by your tour guide upon exiting the arrival hall. We will drive you to the Uma Resort;Then we will invite you for a short-guided walk in the afternoon in and around Uma Paro for direction and familiarization purposes.

Day 2: Paro sightseeing-I

Altitude  2,280m

Daywalk to ZurigDzong, RinpungDzong, Ta Dzong, Paro town, KyichuLhakhang and DrukgyelDzong.

The gentle breeze through pine forests above Uma Paro to the pretty grounds of the fortress-like monastery of ZurigDzong. Traverse across to Ta Dzong, housing Bhutan’s National Museum with magnificent views over Paro, and down toRinpungDzong (Fortress on a Heap of Jewels).

The trail then leads across ParoChhu (river) via a traditional covered bridge (NyamaiZam) and then we will pass the main archery ground, UgyenPelri Palace and into Paro town.

After a good time at the Paro town, we will drive a few kilometres north of Paro, to pay our respects at KyichuLhakhang; this is one of the oldest temples in Bhutan with its magic orange tree which bears fruit all year round.

If we have more time; we will drive further up the valley to DrukgyelDzong, built in 1648 by ZhabdrungNgawangNamgyal to control the northern route to Tibet (from here, it is only a two-day hike to the border with Tibet, dominated by Mt Jhomalhari.

Duration: 5 – 7 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Day 3:Paro sightseeing-II

Altitude 2,280m

Highlights of the Paro Valley – Taktsang Monastery

ParoTaktsang Monastery: It is one of the most amazing monastery and significant pieces of architecture in Bhutan,Taktsangmonastery defies the legend of Buddhism in Bhutan. Legend says that this Cliffside was where Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) landed on the back of a flying tigress, bringing Buddhism to Bhutan from Tibet.

We will start early to avoid sun burn, it is a two-hour climb to the Tiger’s Nest viewpoint. Steeply stairs, and then climb up to the monastery, passing a cold waterfall and entering through the main gates of the monastery, which are filled with murals.

If time and energy permits we will head further up to several remote temples and monasteries. We will return to Uma Paro in the afternoon for some time to relax and enjoy the facilities like steam rooms, swimming pool or a Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath followed by a soothing massage.

In the evening you are invited for a firelight farewell dinner either in the courtyard at Uma Paro or at our Bukhari restaurant.

Duration: 7 – 8 hours

Difficulty:  Hard

Day 4: DepartingParo (Altitude 2,280m)

We will drive you to Paro airport for your flight and you bid a farewell to the Kingdom of Bhutan.