18-Day Merak Sakteng Conquest Trek

Ideal Travel Months : March-April and September-November

No of Trek days: 6 days

Highlight:Merak, Sakteng valley,Sakteng wildlife sanctuary, Brokpa( Nomadic indigenous group) 

Merak and Saktengare situated at an altitude over 3,500 m, the exotic valleys of Merak and Sakten have been home to the Brokpas for centuries. The people of Merak and Sakteng are known as the nomadic indigenous group of eastern Bhutan, known as the Brokpas, seasonally moves their herds of livestock from the lower valleys in the winter to the higher pastures in the summer.

The diverse rituals and customs of the Brokpa people make Merak andSakten a spectacular place to visit, especially each Autumn when they honour their mountain goddess

Day 1 : Arriving at Paro then to Thimphu

Day 2 :Thimphu sightseeing

Day 3 :Thimphu toGangtey.

Day 4 :Gangtey sightseeing

Day 5 :Gangtey toBumthang

Day6 :Bumthang sightseeing

Day 7 :BumthangtoTrashigang

Day 8 : First day ot Trek (Radi toCharbaling)

Day 9 :Second day Trek (Charbaling toMerak)

Day 10 : Third day Trek ( Merak toSakteng)

Day 11 :Sakteng sightseeing

Day 12 : Fourth day Trek (Sakteng toJyonkhar)

Day 13 : Fifth day Trek (JyonkhartoPhongme)

Day 14 :Trashigang toBumthang

Day 15 :Bumthang  to Punakha

Day 16 :Punakha toParo

Day 17 :Paro sightseeing

Day 18 : Depart kingdom of Bhutan from paro