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Atlantic Bhutan Conquest provides customize tour packages for trekking, cultural, adventure, mountain biking and environmental tours. We also specialize in meditation retreat and Bhutan festival tours, with a choice of accommodations in some beautiful luxury hotels and resorts.

In addition to these packages, we are also providing customized filming and photography tours. Our tour leaders and guides share innumerable insights into the living arts and culture of Bhutan. Their service is par excellence and all are qualified and licensed from the Tourism Council of Bhutan. With prior notice, we provide German, Spanish, French and Japanese speaking guides. Read More

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The Kingdom of Bhutan remained largely cut off from the rest of the world up until the early 1960’s. Entering the country was difficult as it was only accessible by foot from two main entry points, one in the North and another from the South. The Northern route was through Tibet, crossing high mountain passes that were inaccessible throughout the winters...Read More

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Plan your Travel to Bhutan and your particular interest. You can pick from a variety of our Conquests like Cultural Conquest Tour, Festival Conquest Tour, Adventure Conquest Tour or any other special interest tours and trekking. We can also customize your tour package with trekking or any other tours. You can also choose from the list of Bhutan Conquest Tour and Bhutan Conquest Trekking Itineraries...Read More

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Want to encounter an exotic Bhutan? Atlantic Bhutan Conquest Tours & Travels is an inbound Royal Government licensed tour operator, is a renowned veteran in private custom tours, Festivals, Luxury tours, Trekking, off-road overland, Eco-tours, wildlife tour, culture exploration and more. Tailor-made for your Bhutan Conquest holiday, Atlantic Bhutan Conquest is the most reliable tour operator for you!...read More

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Bhutan is one country where numerous saints have paid their visits in ancient times and created many holy shrines where ever they visited, which are now visible to this day very intact. One of the most colorful festivals in the Bhutanese calendar is the Tshechumeans festival, performed in all the Dzongs (fortress) and in many monasteries and temples spread throughout Bhutan....Read More

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Bhutan is a small country in the Himalayas between the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and India. Besides the stunning natural scenery, the enduring image of the country for most visitors is the strong sense of culture and tradition that binds the kingdom and clearly distinguishes it from its larger neighbors. Bhutan is the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation in the world, and the profound teachings of this tradition remain well preserved and exert a strong influence in all aspects of life. ...Read More

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